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Admin UI

SAML Jackson comes with an Admin interface that allows you to manage SAML configurations via UI. To enable the Admin UI, make sure you deploy the Jackson as a service

You can add, edit or delete SAML configurations from this UI.

Sign into Admin UI

We use Magic Links to authenticate users to the UI.

You'll need to set the following configuration in the environment:

  1. SMTP Server details, so we can send you the email with the magic link.
  2. Access Control List which is an array of emails or glob patterns. Only these users will be allowed access to the Admin UI. Example:,*

Follow the below steps to login into the Admin dashboard.

  • Visit the path /api/auth/signin on your app. The page will display a sign-in page with a text box to enter the email address.
  • Enter the email address that matches the NEXTAUTH_ACL and click the button Sign in with Email.
  • Open the inbox and you'll see an email from Jackson.
  • Open that email and click the button Sign in. Now you've successfully logged into the SAML Jackson admin UI.

Add SAML Configurations

To start using the SAML Jackson, you've to add at least one SAML configuration. Once you've set up the SAML app on your Identity Provider, the Identity Provider will generate a SAML Metadata file.

The SAML metadata file contains information about the various SAML Authorities that can be used in SAML 2.0 protocol message exchanges. This metadata identifies Identity Provider endpoints and the certificates to secure SAML 2.0 message exchanges.

Download the SAML Metadata file from your IdP and follow the below steps for adding the SAML configuration.

  • Go to SAML Configurations and click the button New
  • Give your new configuration a name
  • Add your Tenant (Eg: and Product (Eg: flex)
  • Add Allowed redirect URLs
  • Add Default redirect URL
  • Paste the Raw IdP XML
  • Click the button Save Changes

Now you've successfully installed SAML Jackson and added your first SAML configuration.