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Security Building Blocks for the AI era

Welcome to BoxyHQ, where we're transforming security with our advanced suite of AI-focused security building blocks. Our innovative approach offers modular tools designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing applications, providing robust protection against intruders and ensuring the safety of your company's information from AI-related threats. Whether you're a developer focused on enhancing application security or a security team safeguarding sensitive data from LLMs (Large Language Models), our comprehensive suite has you covered. Experience the simplicity and effectiveness of our security solutions at BoxyHQ.

BoxyHQ Founders

  • Deepak Prabhakara

    CEO, Co-Founder

    Deepak brings close to two decades of expertise in the design, architecture, and development of complex software products. Before BoxyHQ he was the CTO at Red Sift, a fast-growing cybersecurity startup. Before that, he was the founder of ContentSift and the first technical hire at Apsmart (acquired by Thomson Reuters).

    He has led product and engineering teams at several startups and worked on Opera Mini and Mobile browsers, a product loved and used by millions of users across the globe.

  • Carlos Samame

    COO, Co-Founder

    Sama has 15+ years of experience working at tech companies across different business areas and continents. Before BoxyHQ he was at Amazon Web Services leading AWS Connections in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, a program that connects enterprises with global startups.

    Before, Sama was the Head of Acceleration at Wayra UK (O2 - Telefonica), where he invested and managed a portfolio of 100+ startups. He was also the founder of Lava Innovation and worked for Groupon and IBM.

Our Investors

  • OSS Capital is the first and only early-stage VC exclusively dedicated to backing leading COSS (commercial open source) startup founders on a global basis since 2018.

    Learn more about OSS Capital
  • We support visionary founders across Europe as they build the next generation of B2B software companies.

    Learn more about Nauta Capital
  • Building a transformative business is a hard and lonely challenge. We pride ourselves on providing genuine, long-term support and also knowing when to step back.

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  • Telefónica’s initiative designed to scale, invest in startups, and bring innovation everywhere in the world.

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