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Security Building Blocks For Developers

Reduce Time to Market without sacrificing your security posture! BoxyHQ’s suite of APIs for security and privacy helps engineering teams build and ship compliant cloud applications faster. With features like Enterprise Single Sign-On and Directory Sync to Audit Logs and a privacy vault, BoxyHQ keeps you and your data safe and secure.

Enterprise SSO

SAML + OpenID Connect

BoxyHQ’s SSO solution allows you to go from the first line of code to deployment in just a few days, saving you time and getting you to market faster. Plus, we offer custom integration support to help you every step of the way.

  • Effortless integration
  • Reduced development time
  • Become enterprise ready
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Empowering Startups

Enterprise Ready

Achieving enterprise readiness unlocks major benefits for SaaS companies including expanded market potential through supporting complex organizational needs, and enhanced trust and reputation by meeting stringent security and compliance standards.

Our Products

Empowering Enterprises

Advanced Security and Efficiency

For enterprises aiming to bolster their security infrastructure and streamline operational processes, BoxyHQ presents a powerful suite of solutions. Our Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO), Directory Sync, and Audit Logs services are tailored to meet complex organizational demands. These tools enhance security and reinforce your enterprise's compliance with industry standards, elevating trust and reputation in a competitive market.

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Customer focused

  • unosecur

    With BoxyHQ, we can focus on building our core product without worrying too much about the enterprise readiness features. We seamlessly integrated the SAML SSO offering to our platform, enabling us to onboard enterprise co-development customers.


    Building enterprise features takes a lot of time and resources, thankfully BoxyHQ packages it up in a box. Their SSO offering is exactly what we needed. It allowed our team to focus on what we do best (democratizing scheduling for everyone) without getting distracted by the needs of our enterprise customers. Did I mention it's open-source and free?

  • dub

    Huge shoutout to BoxyHQ for demystifying esoteric concepts like Enterprise SSO and Directory Sync! I highly recommend checking out their docs – it's an absolute goldmine

  • unicis

    BoxyHQ's solution has helped our team save a lot of time. After implementing BoxyHQ, we no longer needed to develop or integrate an expensive solution to connect to Identity Providers (SSO) and build our own Audit Log service.

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