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Security Building Blocks for Developers

Reduce Time to Market without sacrificing your security posture! BoxyHQ’s suite of APIs for security and privacy helps engineering teams build and ship compliant cloud applications faster.

What our customers say

It let our team focus on what we do best (democratizing scheduling for everyone) without getting distracted by the needs of our enterprise customers. Did I mention it's open-source and free?

We at SuperTokens needed to provide SAML login to our users, and instead of building it from scratch, we found the perfect open source project - BoxyHQ!

BoxyHQ helped us implement single sign-on for our government customers in record time, it was exactly what we were looking for. Absolute pleasure working with Deepak and the BoxyHQ team.

With BoxyHQ, we can focus on building our core product without worrying too much about the enterprise readiness features. The integration was seamless.

Our Products

Enterprise SSO

Add single sign on authentication into your product. Supports most identity providers via SAML 2.0

Directory Sync

Add Directory Sync support into your product to provision and de-provision users.

Audit Logs

Add audit logs into your product with ease. Allow your customers to send security related events to their SIEM.

Privacy Vault

Protect your customers sensitive data by safely encrypting it in a Privacy vault. Add policies to govern access to the protected data.

The Importance of Developer Security

Cyber crimes are predicted to cost $10.5 trillion annually by 2025, but time pressures often cause 70% of development teams to skip crucial security steps.

In today's world, it is no longer sufficient to prioritize productivity alone. The faster a developer moves, the more potential security holes will be left unaddressed.

Build or buy?

Save time and money with BoxyHQ's free open-source solution. Available under an Apache 2.0 license, our solutions make it easy for developers to collaborate and innovate, without the need for custom building or expensive fees.

Our solutions run in your environment, giving you full control. We simply provide the building blocks to help you succeed.

Developer Security Tools

We have curated a list of awesome open-source developer security tools.

It includes security principles and controls relevant to popular compliance certifications (like ISO27001, SOC2, MVSP, etc.)

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BoxyHQ brings ‘enterprise readiness’ to any SaaS app

This tech startup helps SaaS companies make their products enterprise-ready

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