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BoxyHQ, Committed to Open Source

At BoxyHQ, our core philosophy revolves around a steadfast commitment to the open-source community. We believe that the best way to innovate and advance in the realm of technology is through collaborative efforts and shared knowledge. Our pledge is clear and enduring: to keep our core open-source code freely accessible, fostering a community-driven ecosystem where ideas flourish and collective solutions emerge. Inspired by Fermyon's Open Source promise, what follows is our promise to the community and the wider open-source ecosystem.

Fostering a Culture of Transparency and Collaboration

We recognize that the strength of open-source lies in its transparency and the collaborative spirit it nurtures. Our promise extends beyond simply providing code; we are dedicated to actively engaging with and supporting the community. This involves not just sharing our developments but also listening to feedback, participating in discussions, and continuously learning from the diverse experiences of open-source contributors.

Empowering Developers with Reliable, Open-Source Solutions

As developers ourselves, we understand the challenges and needs of the developer community. By ensuring that our core security, compliance, and privacy tools remain open-source, we provide developers with reliable, cutting-edge solutions. These tools are designed to seamlessly integrate with your projects, enabling you to build with confidence and focus on what you do best — creating innovative products.

A Promise of Openness and Quality for the Future

Our pledge to keep our core code open is not just about the present; it's a promise for the future. As BoxyHQ grows and evolves, we are committed to maintaining the quality and openness of our solutions. We invite you to join us on this journey — to utilize, contribute to, and benefit from a platform that is shaping the future of secure, compliant, and efficient software development.

Inspired by Fermyon's Open Source promise.