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Developer-First Security Week

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Join us for the Developer-First Security Week event, August 7-11, and register early for a week-long celebration of Shift Left, where developers and security come together. Explore a multitude of engaging talks and discussions aimed at empowering developers to prioritize security from the start. Discover the latest trends, best practices, and innovative solutions to build secure software. Let's make security a seamless part of every developer's journey!

Panel Discussions

Sonya Moisett (keynote) + The Future of Security Engineers (panel discussion)

August 7th. @ 12:30 PM EST

Security Engineers are the safeguards for technological advancements, combating cyber threats, and ensuring the privacy and integrity of digital infrastructure. Join our experts as they discuss where we are headed and what the future of security engineering will look like.


Sonya Moisset (Snyk) / Chris John Riley (Google) / Guillaume Montard (Bearer) / Deepak Prabhakara (BoxyHQ)

The Future of Authentication (panel discussion)

August 8th. @ 1 PM EST

Join us as our experts delve into the transformative trends and cutting-edge innovations reshaping authentication methods, from biometrics and AI-driven approaches to context-aware verification, to secure digital identities and provide seamless user experiences while fortifying online security.


Randall Degges (Snyk) / Advait Ruia (SuperTokens) / Deepak Prabhakara (BoxyHQ)

Mohini Soodan (keynote) + The Future of Authorization (panel discussion)

August 9th. @ 12:30 PM EST

In this session we glimpse into the future of authorization, where we envision dynamic and intelligent access control mechanisms that potentially leverage AI or blockchain technologies to grant appropriate permissions in real-time, mitigating risks and empowering users with precise, context-sensitive authorization.


Mohini Soodan (Microsoft) / Sameer Kamani (Gitlab) / Alex Olivier (Cerbos) / Deepak Prabhakara (BoxyHQ)

The Future of Data Privacy (panel discussion)

August 10th. @ 1 PM EST

Join our expert panelists' discussion as they highlight the critical significance of data privacy in a data-driven world, exploring emerging privacy regulations, encryption techniques, and privacy-enhancing technologies that will safeguard user information, foster trust, and enable responsible data practices for businesses and individuals alike.


Joe Toscano (Forbs/Cyber Collective) / Brian Levine (EY Parthenon) / Deepak Prabhakara (BoxyHQ)

World-Class Guest Speakers

Brian Levine

Director, Cybersecurity & Data Privacy @ EY-Parthenon

Chris John Riley

Staff Security Engineer @ Google

Deepak Prabhakara

CEO @ BoxyHQ

Sonya Moisset

Senior Developer Advocate @ Snyk

Advait Ruia

Co-Founder @ SuperTokens

Mohini Soodan

Sr Security Architect @ Microsoft

Sameer Kamani

Federal Staff Solutions Architect @ Gitlab

Randall Degges

Head of Developer Relations @ Snyk

Alex Olivier

Product @ Cerbos

Joe Toscano

Author/Keynote/ @ Cyber Collective

Guillaume Montard

Founder & CEO @ Bearer

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