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Directory Sync

Discover the power of streamlined user and group provisioning with BoxyHQ's Directory Sync. Our solution fully supports the SCIM 2.0 protocol, ensuring seamless compatibility with the majority of major Identity Providers. Elevate your system's efficiency and compliance with a robust directory synchronization tool designed for the modern enterprise.

Enterprise Ready

Lifecycle Control

Empower your enterprise clients with advanced user lifecycle management through Directory Sync by BoxyHQ. Integrating with existing directories, such as Active Directory, enhances security and centralizes user access management within your product. BoxyHQ's Directory Sync API is the key to unlocking efficient and secure user lifecycle oversight, offering an essential service for enterprises aiming to streamline their identity management processes.

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  • Streamline Your Data Alignment

    BoxyHQ's Custom Mapping simplifies attribute integration, enabling seamless alignment with your data needs. Ideal for managing user profiles or group data, our tool ensures efficient, accurate data synchronization with various identity providers, enhancing your enterprise's operational effectiveness.

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  • Customized Data Handling

    Efficiently fetch and manipulate data across various entities with BoxyHQ's Bespoke Requests. Tailored for diverse operational requirements, this feature provides the flexibility to handle data exactly as your enterprise needs, ensuring optimal data management efficiency.

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  • Streamline Data, Uniform Integration

    BoxyHQ enables seamless data access and integration, facilitating standardized data management across your enterprise. This feature ensures consistency and efficiency in handling diverse data sets, streamlining your operational workflows.

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