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Our Products

Explore BoxyHQ's suite of developer-focused security solutions. Streamline enterprise authentication with SSO, manage user access with Directory Sync, secure data with Privacy Vault, and track activities with Audit Logs. Open-source, self-hosted, or SaaS, enhance your product's security and compliance effortlessly.

  • Enterprise SSO

    Integrate SAML using your favorite OAuth 2.0 or OpenID Connect libraries. Our SSO solution allows you to go from the first line of code to deployment in just a few days, saving you time and effort.

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  • Directory Sync

    Integrate with SCIM 2.0 providers using simple webhooks. One simple integration to automate user and group provisioning.

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  • Audit Logs

    BoxyHQ's Audit Logs enable enterprise customers to efficiently record and search events within your application, streamlining compliance and reducing the need for complex, in-house development. Our solution's simple integration process saves time, ensuring fast compliance and focusing your team's efforts on core functionalities

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  • Privacy Vault

    Taking the best practices from companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook, BoxyHQ offers an open-source solution to centralize, isolate, and govern all the sensitive data you collect.

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