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BoxyHQ Identity Federation Proxy

Engineering and security teams face the fragmentation of identity and access management (IAM) systems, often in silos that impact efficiency and security. The Identity Federation Proxy bridges the gap between diverse Identity Providers (IdPs) and protocols like SAML and OpenID Connect (OIDC). By seamlessly integrating these systems, we empower teams to manage user identities across all applications efficiently, ultimately fostering streamlined operations and enhanced security measures.

Identity Federation for the
Modern Enterprise

Unlock a seamless user experience while significantly reducing development time and costs with BoxyHQ's Identity Federation Proxy. Our Proxy approach acts as both a virtual IdP and an SP, simplifying processes and eliminating the need for re-authentications. This allows enterprises to swiftly roll out new software products with confidence, enabling bespoke user journeys and accelerating user onboarding.

The image shows an identity federation flow managed by BoxyHQ. Internal apps like CRM and data tools connect to an Identity Provider using OIDC/SAML 2.0. The Identity Provider then connects to a Service Provider, which interfaces with external identity providers like Okta, SAML IdP, and Entra ID. Key features include custom mappings, reduced IT configuration, and zero code changes.
  • Federated Authentication

    By enabling federated authentication and single sign-on (SSO), BoxyHQ strengthens security measures across applications. Organizations can securely access multiple platforms without repeated authentication, bolstering their overall security posture.

    BoxyHQ SSO
  • Identity Orchestration

    BoxyHQ's Identity Federation ensures seamless authentication. By unifying protocols like SAML, and OIDC, and integrating with identity providers like Microsoft Entra ID and Okta, BoxyHQ acts as both a virtual Identity Provider (IdP) and a Service Provider simultaneously, greatly simplifying user identity management across various applications.

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  • Low Code to No Code

    BoxyHQ’s plug-and-play no-code/low-code approach reduces time to market and minimizes development overhead simplifying the task of adding authentication and identity management to applications. Whether you're a seasoned developer or new to app development, our platform will meet you where you are.

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  • The BoxyHQ Advantage

    As a trusted leader in security, privacy, and enterprise compliance solutions, BoxyHQ empowers organizations with APIs designed to facilitate identity management. BoxyHQ's Identity Federation Proxy catalyzes organizational growth and facilitates the swift deployment of new software products with ease.

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