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· 4 min read provides an innovative scheduling and time management platform for individuals and enterprises to streamline their calendar and appointment processes.

Their mission is to connect one billion people through the use of their platform by 2031. To achieve this, BoxyHQ’s enterprise-ready SSO would provide the reliable authentication they needed to maintain their customer's security and trust.

Introduction, a leading scheduling and appointment management platform, embarked on a journey to implement enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO) in response to growing demand from enterprises and government organizations.

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Reasons for Adopting Enterprise Single Sign-On

The decision to implement enterprise SSO stemmed from a significant demand from various sectors, including enterprises and government organizations, that were eager to leverage's capabilities. Clients were increasingly seeking the convenience and security offered by SSO to streamline user access across multiple systems and services.

Selecting BoxyHQ (Jackson) for Single Sign-On Integration's dedication to open source led them to choose BoxyHQ (Jackson) for their SSO implementation. The commitment to open source aligned perfectly with's ethos of providing customers with the freedom to choose and ensuring they weren't locked into proprietary solutions. By adopting BoxyHQ, offered clients an enterprise-grade authentication solution that catered to their security and flexibility needs.

Tangible Gains from Implementation to Deployment

The adoption of BoxyHQ brought both direct benefits and second-order, or soft, benefits to The solution seamlessly integrated into their existing infrastructure, delivering flawless functionality with minimal maintenance effort. The ease of adoption, a direct benefit, translated to significant time savings for the development team, enabling them to focus on other critical tasks.

Furthermore, reaped soft benefits in terms of user satisfaction and retention. BoxyHQ's robust SSO solution empowered's clients with a streamlined and secure authentication process. The enhanced user experience fostered positive client relationships and contributed to customer loyalty.

Business Impact: Time and Effort Savings

When evaluating the time and effort required to build an SSO solution in-house, estimated that the endeavor would have taken several months. The decision to integrate BoxyHQ's solution allowed to bypass this arduous process, ensuring rapid deployment and freeing up valuable development resources.

Enterprise Client Acquisition Boost

The impact on's enterprise client acquisition was tangible. Single Sign-On support became a crucial factor in closing deals with enterprise clients. The ability to answer the question, "Do you support SSO?" affirmatively significantly contributed to converting leads into satisfied customers. The adoption of BoxyHQ's SSO solution played a pivotal role in's ability to attract and cater to enterprise clients.

Positive Implementation Experience with BoxyHQ's implementation experience with BoxyHQ was marked by collaboration and support. Working closely with the BoxyHQ team during the early stages, felt supported and well-assisted. The partnership enabled a smooth implementation process, setting a positive tone for their ongoing relationship.

Empowering Enterprises with Seamless SSO's successful implementation of BoxyHQ's SSO solution not only satisfied the growing demand for streamlined authentication but also aligned with their principles of transparency and client-centricity. By partnering with BoxyHQ, provided their clients with a seamless and secure authentication experience, while reaping tangible benefits in terms of time savings, enterprise client acquisition, and user satisfaction. The collaboration between and BoxyHQ exemplifies the power of open-source solutions in driving innovation and value for businesses and their clients.

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