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Interview with Enhancing Enterprise Experience with BoxyHQ

· 4 min read
Nathan Tarbert
Community Success Engineer @BoxyHQ provides an innovative scheduling and time management platform for individuals and enterprises to streamline their calendar and appointment processes.

Their mission is to connect one billion people through the use of their platform by 2031. To achieve this, BoxyHQ’s enterprise-ready SSO would provide the reliable authentication they needed to maintain their customer's security and trust.

Q: Can you please share your role at

Bailey ( I’m the Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Q: What was the motivation at to implement enterprise SSO & OIDC?

Bailey ( The motivation behind implementing enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO) was driven by a groundswell of demand from our enterprise clients, government organizations, and other entities looking to streamline their authentication processes while using's services.

Q: What factors led you to select BoxyHQ (Jackson) for this implementation?

Bailey ( We place a high premium on maintaining an open ecosystem, and this ethos extends to the tools and solutions we integrate. BoxyHQ (Jackson) stood out for us because of its open-source nature. We believe in giving our customers the freedom to choose and evolve without being constrained by closed, proprietary software. BoxyHQ's compatibility with our philosophy of openness and its robust feature set made it a natural fit.

Q: Can you elaborate on both the direct benefits and soft benefits you observed following the adoption of implementing single sign-on (sso)?

Bailey ( The direct benefits of integrating BoxyHQ have been quite impactful. The solution has exhibited remarkable reliability, seamlessly integrating into our system and significantly enhancing the user experience. Its intuitive design and ease of use have not only contributed to user satisfaction but have also lessened the burden on our maintenance efforts.

On the soft benefits front, we've witnessed a boost in team morale due to the simplicity of managing the SSO process. It's almost remarkable how effortlessly the solution has slotted into our operations. Moreover, it has freed up valuable developer time that we can now redirect towards refining other aspects of our platform. This unanticipated efficiency gain has been a pleasant surprise.

Q: In terms of business impact, how much time did it save your team?

Bailey ( The time-saving impact has been substantial. To give you a perspective, the manual development of an SSO solution could have spanned several months. By choosing BoxyHQ, we not only sidestepped the resource-intensive process of building it in-house but also gained access to a powerful, enterprise-grade authentication solution. Just as strives to spare users the trouble of crafting their own scheduling solutions, BoxyHQ has exemplified a similar role in our authentication strategy.

Q: Have you seen any significant growth in acquiring enterprise clients as a direct result of utilizing SSO?

Bailey ( Absolutely, the impact on our acquisition efforts has been remarkable. The ability to offer robust SSO capabilities has become a decisive factor for many enterprise clients evaluating our services. The common inquiry, 'Do you support SSO?' has transformed into a pivotal point of negotiation. If we hadn't embraced this capability, we would have likely lost out on numerous deals. BoxyHQ's contribution to's credibility in the enterprise realm cannot be overstated.

Q: Can you please share any contextual Insights with our readers?

Bailey ( When it comes to our collaboration with BoxyHQ, it's not just about the technology. The team provided exceptional support during the implementation process, and their continued responsiveness has been a testament to their commitment to their client's success. This positive experience has driven us to enthusiastically recommend BoxyHQ to other companies.

Q: We appreciate you taking the time to tell your success story and the insights you provided on how BoxyHQ could help provide long-term flexibility and control over your security infrastructure.

Bailey ( Thank you, We really appreciate having the chance to explain how BoxyHQ stands out as a reliable partner in the realm of authentication solutions and we look forward to what the future holds for our ongoing partnership.