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Transforming Security and Access: A Conversation with the Spike Team

· 4 min read
Nathan Tarbert
Community Success Engineer @BoxyHQ

Spike is a powerful incident management platform with customers across 40+ countries. Their mission is to reduce the complexity of managing incidents and make it simple so teams of all sizes can use it.

Q: Can you share the motivation behind implementing enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO) at Spike?

Kaushik (Spike): Incident management is needed for teams small and large. Over the years, we noticed a skew of enterprise inquiries at Spike and we were certain that a secure way to log in will be a needed feature. Thankfully, we caught the drift early on.

SSO kinda opened doors for us with enterprises around the world

Q: How did BoxyHQ's SSO solution impact your operations?

Kaushik (Spike): Our job is to ensure we alert our customers every single time and there is no compromise there. BoxyHQ’s SSO solution came in as a boon to us at the right time. We could knock out the implementation in record time and start onboarding enterprise customers.

A secure way to log in is now enhanced with enforced login options for admins on Spike. Our enterprise customers found it incredibly easy to set up and get started changing the type of customers we onboard at Spike

Q: What led you to choose BoxyHQ, specifically SAML Jackson, for your SSO needs?

Kaushik (Spike): Removing the hurdles of SSO was not easy when I got started with it. In the early days, we contact many different vendors but could not find the right fit until we came across BoxyHQ. Boxy’s flexibility and easy solutions meant we could implement this fast, really really fast. At Spike, we love open-source solutions and Boxy immediately gained our trust as we started to play around with Jackson’s APIs

Besides, Boxy’s team was incredibly supportive throughout our transition and we are grateful for it.

Q: Can you shed light on the direct and secondary benefits you've experienced?

Divyansh (Spike): The direct benefits are clear - streamlined access and enhanced security. But the secondary benefits are equally remarkable. We've saved considerable time and effort, enabling us to focus on our core mission - aiding engineering teams in incident management.

Q: How impactful was BoxyHQ's SSO solution in terms of time saved and business efficiency?

Divyansh (Spike): It's been transformative. We've saved weeks' worth of effort that would have gone into complex SSO implementation. BoxyHQ's solution accelerated the process, allowing us to allocate our resources more effectively.

Q: That's great to hear, did adopting BoxyHQ's SSO solution result in acquiring new enterprise customers?

Kaushik (Spike): Absolutely! As a matter of fact, Yes. Thanks to Boxy, we could seamlessly onboard enterprise customers with 300+ people engineering teams. We love helping engineering teams and are glad that Boxy has helped us join our mission of helping them too.

Q: Could you elaborate on BoxyHQ's support during the transition?

Kaushik (Spike): Boxy’s support team and the response have been a game changer. As a young company, we were lost in the enterprise world but Boxy’s team helped us with direction and a clear understanding of how we can achieve customer delight. This helped us build SSO integrations seamlessly giving us the opportunity to help incident responders and also enable incident responders to triage and resolve incidents securely.

Q: Can you share your perspective on the relationship between Spike and BoxyHQ?

Kaushik (Spike): Our partnership with BoxyHQ is rooted in key values. Reliability, flexibility, open-source commitment, and exceptional support define our collaboration. It's a relationship built on shared goals and the assurance that it just works. We anticipate continued collaboration and growth.

Q: Any final comments for our readers?

Kaushik: We're grateful for this opportunity. The case of Spike underscores how advanced solutions like BoxyHQ's SSO can revolutionize security, processes, and customer interactions. This partnership is a testament to how technology can elevate operations while fostering strong, values-based relationships.

Q: Thank you for sharing your insights. We're excited to witness the journey of Spike and BoxyHQ as it continues to unfold. We appreciate you taking the time to tell your success story.

Kaushik: Thank you, we appreciate the opportunity to share our story. Stay tuned for more updates on our evolving collaboration!