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Spike Boosts Time-to-Market and Enterprise Security

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Spike is a powerful incident management platform with customers across 40+ countries. Their mission is to reduce the complexity of managing incidents and make it simple so teams of all sizes can use it.


Spike, a fast-growing incident management platform, recognized the growing demand for secure access and authentication, particularly within enterprise environments. In response, they embarked on a journey to implement enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities. BoxyHQ's SSO solution proved to be a game-changing asset in fulfilling Spikes security and enterprise customer onboarding needs.

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Motivation Behind Implementing Enterprise SSO

Spike identified a rising trend of enterprise inquiries, which highlighted the need for a secure and streamlined authentication process. Recognizing the significance of this requirement, they sought a solution that would ensure prompt and secure access for their customers. SSO, a crucial feature for enterprise customers, swiftly became a priority.

BoxyHQ's SSO solution emerged as a catalyst, opening doors to a global enterprise market. Its swift implementation facilitated the onboarding of enterprise customers, reinforcing Spikes commitment to prompt and secure incident management.

Choosing BoxyHQ's SSO Solution

The pursuit of a suitable SSO solution wasn't without its challenges. Despite exploring various options, Spike struggled to find a seamless fit until they encountered BoxyHQ's offering. Boxy's SAML Jackson, with its flexibility and user-friendly solutions, seamlessly aligned with's operational needs. Moreover, the open-source foundation and robust API ecosystem fortified the trust Spike had in BoxyHQ's capabilities.

Spike choice was further bolstered by BoxyHQ's unwavering support throughout the transition, ensuring a smooth adoption process.

Direct and Secondary Benefits

Spike realized both direct and secondary benefits from BoxyHQ's SSO solution. The seamless implementation significantly reduced the barriers to entry, making the process swift and efficient. Divyansh from Spike elaborates on the impact:

Business Impact

By integrating BoxyHQ's SSO solution, Spike unlocked weeks' worth of saved effort, streamlining their authentication process and elevating operational efficiency.

Enterprise Customer Acquisition

Spikes strategic adoption of BoxyHQ's SSO solution yielded tangible outcomes. The capability to onboard enterprise customers, including large engineering teams of over 300 people, marked a significant achievement. BoxyHQ's contribution empowered Spike to fulfill its mission of aiding engineering teams while seamlessly aligning with its vision.

Support and Partnership

BoxyHQ's support team played a pivotal role in's journey. Their responsive assistance and strategic guidance provided clarity in navigating the enterprise landscape. This partnership enabled Spike to seamlessly integrate SSO, empowering incident responders and offering a secure environment for incident triage and resolution.

Long-Term Relationship

The Spike-BoxyHQ relationship is grounded in reliability, flexibility, an open-source ethos, and outstanding support. This partnership demonstrates how a solution should simply work, paving the way for future collaborations.

In essence, Spike collaboration with BoxyHQ showcases the pivotal role SSO solutions can play in enhancing security, streamlining processes, and driving customer growth within the enterprise domain. The partnership underlines the potential of innovative technology to transform the operational landscape while fostering long-lasting relationships based on trust and shared values.

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