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A Secure, Privacy-First AI-driven Data Collection Platform: BlockSurvey

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BlockSurvey, is a pioneering decentralized AI-driven data collection platform, designed with the core mission of enhancing privacy and security in the digital data collection process. By leveraging cutting-edge blockchain technology, BlockSurvey empowers both individuals and organizations to gather and disseminate information via forms and surveys in an environment where confidentiality and data protection are paramount. This innovative approach not only safeguards the respondents' privacy but also ensures the integrity of the data collected.


In a world where data privacy has become a paramount concern, BlockSurvey stands out as a beacon of trust and security. Committed to empowering users with complete ownership over their data, BlockSurvey faced the challenge of ensuring enterprise-level security and privacy for its customers.

The solution? BoxyHQ’s Single Sign-On powered by the open-source SAML Jackson.

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The Challenge

At the heart of BlockSurvey's mission is the promise of unparalleled data privacy and security. But with great promise comes the challenge of implementation, especially as BlockSurvey sought to expand its offerings to enterprise clients. They needed a robust SSO solution that not only streamlined access management but also reinforced their commitment to privacy and security.

The Solution

BoxyHQ emerged as the perfect partner in this journey. With its open-source SSO solution, BoxyHQ offered the flexibility, ease of integration, and, most importantly, the security assurance BlockSurvey was seeking. The decision to collaborate with BoxyHQ was driven by a shared vision for privacy and security, making BoxyHQ's SAML Jackson the cornerstone of BlockSurvey's enterprise security framework.

The Impact

The integration of BoxyHQ's SSO solution transformed BlockSurvey's operational and security landscape. Not only did it enhance user experience by streamlining the login process, but it also significantly bolstered client confidence. The direct benefits were immediate: a seamless, secure, and efficient login experience for users across the board.

But the ripple effects went deeper. As noted by Raja Ilayaperumal, Co-Founder and CTO of BlockSurvey, "With our inaugural client already onboarded, we're thrilled by the positive reception. We anticipate a substantial and lasting impact on our business in the long run." This partnership has paved the way for BlockSurvey to onboard enterprise clients more effectively, marking a significant milestone in their growth journey.


The collaboration between BlockSurvey and BoxyHQ is more than just a technical integration; it's a partnership that enhances the very essence of privacy and security in digital data collection platforms. By leveraging BoxyHQ's expertise in enterprise single sign-on (SSO), BlockSurvey is not only able to offer a superior product but also reinforce its commitment to data privacy and security, ensuring a safer digital space for all users.

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