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Cost-Efficiency Unleashed: How we saved Supademo Time and Money

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Supademo is on a mission to help teams communicate products more effectively starting with the fastest way to create intuitive click-through demos and guides. This, in turn, leads to more deals closed, better onboarding, and reduced support tickets, among many other glorious things.


In today's fast-paced business environment, effective communication and product demonstration are critical to success. With Supademo, you can create interactive demos and guides in seconds, edit them as needed, and share them anywhere on the web using a link or embed them on your website. However, as Supademo grew, so did the complexity of its operations and the demands of their diverse clientele.

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The Driving Force Behind Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO)

Supademo's decision to implement enterprise SSO stemmed from the growing demand of larger customers. These customers, accustomed to the security and convenience offered by SSO/SAML, sought an easy way to manage access and permissions across multiple services. While SSO wasn't a deal-breaker, Supademo aimed to ensure a seamless experience for its customers, aligning with their preferred workflow.

Why Supademo Opted for BoxyHQ’s Jackson

Choosing the right SSO solution was crucial, and Supademo found BoxyHQ's Jackson to be a stellar choice. The decision was influenced by BoxyHQ's strong reputation and recommendations from existing Supademo customers. Prominent companies like had successfully leveraged Jackson for their SSO needs. However, it was BoxyHQ's responsiveness and hands-on support that truly set them apart.

Direct and Soft Benefits of SSO Implementation

Supademo reaped both direct and soft benefits from integrating SSO with BoxyHQ. Some of the significant soft benefits included reduced maintenance efforts, seamless adoption, and time savings for the engineering team. This allowed Supademo's engineers to refocus on the company's core mission: enabling teams to communicate their products more effectively.

In terms of direct benefits, Supademo was able to forge several enterprise partnerships with BoxyHQ's assistance. Providing a secure and streamlined authentication process within the Supademo platform enhanced their clients' trust in the product.

Time Savings and Business Impact

The implementation of BoxyHQ's SSO solution proved to be a time-saving endeavor for Supademo. They managed to roll out SSO capabilities in a matter of days, a remarkable achievement compared to their initial estimate of 1-2 months for an in-house solution. This efficiency allowed Supademo to reduce potential errors and deliver more value to clients quickly.

Growth in Acquiring Enterprise Clients

Utilizing SSO was a direct benefit for Supademo. It opened doors to numerous enterprise-level clients and sparked significant prospect interest. The integration with BoxyHQ's Jackson has become a valuable asset that will continue to fuel Supademo's growth and enhance the value it provides to customers.

Exceptional Support from BoxyHQ

Supademo's trust in BoxyHQ extends beyond the technology itself; it's rooted in the exceptional support received throughout the implementation process. The seamless and hassle-free implementation, coupled with BoxyHQ's ongoing responsiveness, aligns perfectly with Supademo's customer-centric mission.

Supademo Gains a Trusted Ally

Supademo's journey to enhance its platform with enterprise SSO through BoxyHQ's Jackson serves as an inspiring story. It highlights the importance of listening to customer demands, choosing the right technology partner, and the immense impact that streamlined authentication can have on a business. As Supademo continues to thrive, its commitment to effective communication and customer satisfaction remains unwavering, with BoxyHQ by its side as a trusted ally.

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