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Boosting Trust and Efficiency: A Conversation with Supademo's CEO

· 4 min read
Nathan Tarbert
Community Engineer @BoxyHQ

Supademo is on a mission to help teams communicate products more effectively starting with the fastest way to create intuitive click-through demos and guides. This, in turn, leads to more deals closed, better onboarding, and reduced support tickets, among many other glorious things.

Q: Thank you for joining us today, Joseph Lee, CEO, and co-founder of Supademo.

Joseph Lee (Supademo): Thank you for having me. It's a pleasure to share our journey.

Q: Joseph, can you start by telling us what motivated Supademo to implement enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO)?

Joseph Lee (Supademo): Absolutely. We decided to implement enterprise SSO due to significant demand from larger customers who wanted to leverage Supademo across their departments. These customers were already accustomed to the security and convenience offered by SAML SSO and wanted to easily maintain access and permissions across multiple services. While SSO wasn't a deal breaker for the deal to go through, we wanted to ensure that our customers didn't need to go out of their way to adjust their preferred workflow.

Q: That makes sense. And why did you choose BoxyHQ's Jackson for this implementation?

Joseph Lee (Supademo): A big part of why Supademo chose BoxyHQ was due to its reputation. Several Supademo customers had recommended BoxyHQ as a service provider, and we noticed several well-known customers were leveraging Jackson for their SSO with glowing reviews. We considered several other alternatives but ultimately chose BoxyHQ due to their responsiveness and hands-on support, which were top-notch.

Q: That's great to hear. Now, could you elaborate on both the direct benefits and soft benefits you observed following the adoption of the solution?

Joseph Lee (Supademo): Certainly. Supademo has seen plenty of soft benefits of working with BoxyHQ - but some of the biggest include the lack of maintenance effort, ease of adoption, and direct time savings for our entire engineering team. The latter point is especially important, as it allows us to refocus our energy on Supademo's core mission: helping teams communicate their products more effectively to others.

As for direct benefits, we were able to close several enterprise partnerships with BoxyHQ's help and provide them with a secure and streamlined authentication process within the Supademo platform. This has helped increase our clients' trust in Supademo.

Q: That's remarkable. In terms of business impact, how much time did it save your team?

Joseph Lee (Supademo): With BoxyHQ, we were able to ship SSO capabilities in days - which is a massive savings compared to our initial estimate of 1-2 months for an in-house solution. As a result, Supademo was able to abstract out complexities, reduce potential errors, and provide more value to clients faster with BoxyHQ.

Q: Impressive time savings indeed. Have you seen any significant growth in acquiring enterprise clients as a direct result of utilizing SSO?

Joseph Lee (Supademo): Absolutely. We've seen considerable traction and interest from multiple enterprise-level customers after implementing SSO. Supademo's BoxyHQ integration has been an asset that we'll continue to leverage to grow our team and add more value to customers.

Q: That's fantastic to hear. From your perspective, how do you view this successful partnership with BoxyHQ?

Joseph Lee (Supademo): Supademo's trust in BoxyHQ has been built not only from the underlying tech but also from the exceptional support received. Implementation was a breeze, and Boxy's continued responsiveness is a testament to our customer-centric mission - something that we share at Supademo.

Q: Thank you, Joseph Lee, for sharing your valuable insights into Supademo's journey with enterprise SSO. Your experiences provide a compelling example of how innovation and strategic partnerships can drive success in today's dynamic business landscape.

Joseph Lee (Supademo): You're very welcome. It's been a pleasure to be part of this discussion, and I hope our experiences can inspire others in their endeavors. Thank you for having me.