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Unicis.Tech Unlocks Security: A Conversation with the Founder

· 5 min read
Nathan Tarbert
Community Engineer @BoxyHQ

At Unicis, their vision is to create a world where compliance is effortless, efficient, and transparent for every business. We strive to achieve this by providing a single, comprehensive application that addresses all compliance, privacy, risk and security concerns.

Q: Thank you, Predrag, for joining us today to discuss your experience with implementing Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO) and Audit Logs at Unicis.Tech. Let's start with your motivation behind implementing these solutions.

Predrag: Thank you, I’m excited to share our story with you today. Sure, lets dive into it.

Q: What was the motivation to implement enterprise SSO and Audit Logs at Unicis.Tech?

Predrag: At Unicis.Tech, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the most secure and compliant platform possible. Security, privacy, and compliance are our top priorities. Enterprise SSO and Audit Logs are integral to any robust security and compliance program. SSO streamlines user access, reducing the risk of phishing attacks and password fatigue. Meanwhile, Audit Logs keep track of user activities, aiding in security incident investigations and regulatory compliance. Given the global nature of our platform and the numerous regulations we must adhere to, such as GDPR, ISO/IEC, PCI-DSS, and SOC 2, SSO and audit logs are essential for meeting these requirements. We firmly believe that SSO is not a luxury feature but a core security requirement.

Q: What factors led you to select BoxyHQ (Jackson) for the implementation of SSO?

Predrag: We evaluated several SSO solutions before choosing BoxyHQ. There were key factors that influenced our decision:

  • Ease of use: BoxyHQ offers a user-friendly and straightforward integration. Setting up and configuring it was a breeze, and it seamlessly connected with all Identity Providers.

  • Open-source and affordability: BoxyHQ is an open-source enterprise SSO solution aligned with our tech stack, such as Next.js and embedded libraries. This made it not only cost-effective but also familiar to our team.

  • Scalability: BoxyHQ's SSO solution demonstrated the ability to support a wide range of organizations, from small enterprises to large ones.

  • Security: BoxyHQ adheres to industry-standard security protocols, providing us with complete control over our data. This level of security was crucial for us.

Q: Can you elaborate on both the direct benefits and soft benefits observed following the adoption of SSO and Audit Logs?

Predrag: Certainly, we've seen a range of benefits following the implementation of SSO and Audit Logs:

Direct Benefits:

  • Improved Security: SSO enhances security by reducing the risk of password fatigue and phishing attacks. Meanwhile, Audit Logs expedite the identification of security incidents.

  • Reduced IT Workload: SSO and Audit Logs help automate tasks like user provisioning and de-provisioning, and offer valuable insights into user activity, reducing the IT workload.

  • Compliance: SSO and Audit Logs assist organizations in complying with regulatory requirements, including GDPR, PCI-DSS, and SOC-2.

Soft Benefits:

  • Increased Employee Productivity: SSO streamlines the login process, enabling employees to access applications more efficiently, thereby increasing productivity.

  • Improved Employee Satisfaction: Simplified access to necessary applications through SSO enhances employee satisfaction by making their work more convenient.

  • Enhanced Customer Trust: The presence of SSO and Audit Logs demonstrates our commitment to protecting customer data, which, in turn, enhances trust among our customers.

Q: In terms of business impact, how much time did BoxyHQ’s solution save your team?

Predrag: BoxyHQ's solution has been a time-saving game-changer for our team. Before implementing BoxyHQ, we considered developing or integrating an expensive solution to connect to Identity Providers and build our own Audit Log service. Since implementing BoxyHQ, we estimate it has saved us approximately 25% of our development time. This newfound efficiency has allowed our team to concentrate on more critical projects.

Q: That is quite an impact, did incorporating BoxyHQ assist in accelerating your journey toward achieving SOC-2 compliance?

Predrag: Although Unicis.Tech is still working toward SOC-2 compliance, and the incorporation of BoxyHQ has significantly expedited our progress. BoxyHQ's SSO and Audit Logs solution meets all the requirements for SOC-2 compliance, saving us substantial time and effort in meeting our compliance goals.

Q: Have you seen any significant growth in acquiring enterprise clients as a direct result of utilizing BoxyHQ’s SSO solution?

Predrag: Absolutely, the implementation of SSO has led to a significant increase in acquiring enterprise clients. Many of these clients require their vendors to have SSO and Audit Logs in place. Implementing BoxyHQ's Single Sign-On and Audit Logs solution has allowed us to meet the demands of these large-scale clients and secure new deals.

Q: As we wrap up, how satisfied is Unicis.Tech with BoxyHQ's solution for SSO and Audit Logs?

Predrag: Above expecation, we are exceedingly satisfied with BoxyHQ's solution for SSO and Audit Logs. It has helped us improve security, reduce our IT workload, comply with regulations, increase employee productivity, improve employee satisfaction, and enhance customer trust. We highly recommend BoxyHQ solutions to other businesses seeking an easy-to-implement enterprise security solution.

Q: Thank you, Predrag, for sharing your valuable insights and experiences regarding the implementation of SSO and Audit Logs at Unicis.Tech. These solutions have made a significant positive impact on your organization's security, compliance, and overall efficiency. Thank you for sharing how BoxyHQ has become such a trusted security partner.

Predrag: The pleasure is all mine, thank you for providing the opportunity to share our journey.