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Unlocking Business Growth: A Conversation with Dub's Founder

· 4 min read
Nathan Tarbert
Community Engineer @BoxyHQ

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Q: Good day, we have a special guest with us today, Steven Tey, the Founder of Dub. We're going to delve into the fascinating journey of Dub and the transformative power of Enterprise SSO. Welcome, Steven!

Steven Tey: Thank you for having me. It's a pleasure to be here.

Q: Let's begin at the beginning. What motivated Dub to implement Enterprise SSO?

Steven Tey: Absolutely. Dub realized the importance of streamlining user authentication and boosting security. Our motivation behind implementing Enterprise SSO was twofold. We wanted to simplify user access, making it hassle-free for both our clients and employees, while also fortifying our security measures.

Q: It's clear that enhancing both user experience and security were key drivers. Now, could you share with us what factors led you to select BoxyHQ's Jackson for this implementation?

Steven Tey: Certainly. We chose BoxyHQ (Jackson) for its robust SSO capabilities and impeccable reputation for reliability. It wasn't just about features; it was about selecting a partner who shared our commitment to a seamless, secure user experience. We saw BoxyHQ as a trusted partner with a deep understanding of our security needs.

Q: The choice of a reliable partner is crucial in such implementations. Now, let's talk about the benefits. What were the direct and soft benefits Dub observed following the adoption of BoxyHQ’s SSO solution?

Steven Tey: The benefits were manifold. We saw reduced login friction, enhanced security, and simplified user management. These translated into soft benefits, including improved user satisfaction, increased productivity, and a heightened sense of trust among our clients and partners.

Q: It's evident that implementing Enterprise SSO had a profound impact on your organization. Can you share with us how much time it saved your team in terms of business impact?

Steven Tey: The time savings were substantial. With streamlined authentication processes and reduced password-related issues, our employees and clients could access resources faster. This led to significantly increased operational efficiency and allowed our team to focus on what they do best, build really great software.

Q: That's impressive. And did incorporating BoxyHQ assist in accelerating your journey toward achieving SOC 2 compliance, by any chance?

Steven Tey: While SOC 2 compliance wasn't our primary goal, the enhanced security measures certainly facilitated the path to compliance. It's about creating a robust security foundation that aligns with industry standards, which in turn positively impacts our overall security posture.

Q: Finally, have you seen any significant growth in acquiring enterprise clients as a direct result of utilizing SSO?

Steven Tey: Absolutely, we have. In fact, following the implementation of SSO, we secured five enterprise clients in a two-week period, leveraging BoxyHQ's SAML/SSO capabilities. The improved user experience and heightened security measures made onboarding new clients smoother, which contributed to our growth in the enterprise sector.

Q: That's an impressive growth trajectory. Before we conclude, could you share any insights about Dub's use case or any remarkable experiences with BoxyHQ's support during the implementation process?

Steven Tey: Our journey with BoxyHQ was smooth from the beginning. The support they provided was responsive and helpful, making the implementation process efficient. We found a true partner in them, and the results speak for themselves.

Q: Steven, thank you for sharing your insights into Dub's remarkable journey toward Enterprise SSO with BoxyHQ's SAML Jackson. It's a testament to the transformative power of technology and the value of selecting the right partners. We look forward to seeing more from Dub in the future.

Steven Tey: Thank you. It's been a pleasure sharing our story, and we're excited about what lies ahead for Dub.