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Data Privacy Vault

Protect your customer's data and your customer's trust with an open-source solution that keeps your data safe.

The Problem

Companies like yours are collecting more and more sensitive data these days and with cybercrime at an all-time high, customers are more worried than ever about how their data is secured. GDPR was a big step in how customers' data is collected and used, but safeguarding this data is ultimately what your customers are most worried about.

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The Solution

Taking the best practices from companies like Google, Apple and Facebook who have internally built privacy data vaults, BoxyHQ offers an open-source solution to centralize, isolate and govern all the sensitive data you collect.

With our Privacy Vault you can:

  • Identify and store all sensitive data from their application database and move it to the vault
  • Replace the sensitive data in their application database with opaque tokens that can then be exchanged with the actual data from the vault at the point it's really needed
  • Gain control over where the sensitive data goes and who has access to it and for how long
  • Create access policies that adhere to data regulations and geographic regulations
  • Be equipped with the ability to respond to DSRs (Data Subject Requests) from customers
  • Create Healthcare, Fintech or generic PII vaults


By using a privacy vault even if you were attacked the hacker would only gain access to opaque identifiers. The hacker would have then to attach both your vault and your key store to successfully decrypt the opaque tokens they possess.

Apart from this, you get full governance over who has access to the sensitive data and for how long, this simplifies all sorts of compliance certifications and regulations like GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, ISO 27001, SOC2, etc.

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What our customers say

It let our team focus on what we do best (democratizing scheduling for everyone) without getting distracted by the needs of our enterprise customers. Did I mention it's open-source and free?

We at SuperTokens needed to provide SAML login to our users, and instead of building it from scratch, we found the perfect open source project - BoxyHQ!

BoxyHQ helped us implement single sign-on for our government customers in record time, it was exactly what we were looking for. Absolute pleasure working with Deepak and the BoxyHQ team.

With BoxyHQ, we can focus on building our core product without worrying too much about the enterprise readiness features. The integration was seamless.

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