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Build Enterprise Software with No-Code Thanks to

· 4 min read
Nathan Tarbert
Community Success Engineer @BoxyHQ

Building your enterprise applications on Bubble is now easier than ever with BoxyHQ, a single API to connect to enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO), and multiple security compliance features.

What is

Bubble is a visual drag-and-drop programming language. Instead of scripting code, users can leverage a visual interface to build applications - simple or complex. This makes building apps accessible to people (or teams) with a big idea - but no programming skills.

What is a Plugin?

Plugins are third-party components that are not part of the Bubble core platform functionality. They can be freely provided by the creators or available as a paid plugin.

Bubble Makes It Simple

One of the benefits of using a no-code platform like Bubble is that not only can you build an application quickly, but you also have the ability to architect complex features. If we look back just a few years, this was not possible. You would have 2 options:

  • Hire a developer or development team
  • Delegate to a developer or team

But we live in an era where technology is continually evolving and individuals' or teams' creativity has no limits. We can put ourselves in the shoes of someone who doesn’t write code but wants to build a professional application - with this is now a possibility.

Top 3 reasons small businesses or enterprises should switch to a no-code platform

This comes with a caveat that Bubble does have a learning curve but once you get familiar with the platform it’s much easier to build applications.

1. Using a no-code solution like Bubble saves money on IT

Typical app development workflow costs for SMBs (small to medium businesses) from design to implementation can range from $75,000 to $750,000. This can be crippling for startups which opens up a no-code solution as a better alternative. If we are talking about enterprise development, this number can reach up to millions.

2. Time to value

This depends on what type of app you want to build. Some estimations are up to 80% in development time saved. Let’s take into consideration there is no need to set time-consuming tasks for a developer such as basic features and environment setup. This is all taken care of for you when building in Bubble’s platform.

3. Built-in SEO

Whether you are a startup or an enterprise team, but inexperienced in the art of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), not to worry, Bubble has built-in SEO tools that allow you to the ability to modify and customize how your application is seen by search engine crawlers. This would be in the advanced settings and great care should be taken when enabling or modifying these settings because, by default, your application will not be indexed.

This brings a lot of value when you don’t necessarily need a professional marketing division to start with. Right out of the gate, you can build an application that has professional capabilities to successfully reach your target persona.

Can I add enterprise features on Bubble?

One of the foundational needs of any new business app is the ability for users to securely log in to password-protected areas - like a shopping cart or protected content. If we look at enterprise features like SAML SSO for instance, you may think this is a feature that is out of reach for a no-code platform, but you can simply search within the Bubble marketplace and a list of plugin creators has made this possible. Instantly you get a short list of plugins available for the functionality you would like to implement.

BoxyHQ plugin

BoxyHQ is one of those creators. By simply installing the plugin into your app, you can be up and running with little configuration effort. We have written a step-by-step guide to help you properly configure setting up SAML single sign-on for your small to medium business (SMB) or enterprise application.

Once you have BoxyHQ’s plugin properly configured, you now have an application that will handle secure login access to your users using SAML single sign-on that will connect to any IdP (Identity Provider) like Okta, OneLogin, Azure AD, etc.

This is when you can breathe a sigh of relief because there is now no need to remember usernames and passwords. BoxyHQ’s plugin easily provides that solution for you. If you would like to test a demo application click here to see the flow and enjoy the seamless experience you will have inside the Bubble platform.

If you are interested in understanding what’s happening on the backend, we have a guide available that will walk you through the technical aspects of single sign-on.

SSO can be complicated but BoxyHQ makes it simple to understand.