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Unlocking Efficiency with Enterprise SSO: A Unosecur Case Study

· 3 min read
Schalk Neethling
Customer Success, Community, DevRel - @BoxyHQ

Unosecur is a cybersecurity firm focused on protecting cloud infrastructures against identity threats. Their platform offers real-time analysis to visualize and understand cloud permissions, aiming to eliminate access risks. Trusted by cloud-native companies, Unosecur ensures comprehensive identity security through continuous monitoring, malicious activity tracking, and automated remediation with a no-code approach. Their services are designed for effective breach prevention and simplified IAMOps, providing a secure, agentless scanning architecture for cloud environments.

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What was the motivation to implement enterprise SSO?

Santosh Jayaprakash (Unosecur): We aimed to enhance our authentication process for a more secure and user-friendly experience. By adopting Enterprise SSO, we streamlined access for our clients and employees, eliminating the complexity of managing multiple passwords and logins. This initiative improved usability and significantly strengthened our security framework, showcasing our commitment to providing a seamless and protected environment for all users.

What factors led you to select BoxyHQ for this implementation?

Santosh (Unosecur): We chose BoxyHQ for its exceptional SSO capabilities and proven reliability, valuing your expertise in crafting secure, intuitive SSO solutions. We recognize BoxyHQ as a reliable partner and trust your deep understanding of security requirements to fulfill our specific needs. All of this solidified a partnership based on trust and technical excellence.

Please elaborate on both the direct benefits and soft benefits (second-order benefits) you observed following the adoption of the solution

Santosh (Unosecur): After integrating BoxyHQ's SAML Jackson, we saw immediate improvements: login processes became smoother, security was enhanced, and managing users became simpler through the ease of user provision and de-provisioning using the built-in Directory Sync functionality.

These technical benefits led to significant second-order advantages. Our users enjoy a better overall experience when accessing internal and external systems, which led to organization-wide increases in productivity. The trust of our clients and partners is elevated, underscoring the value of BoxyHQ's solutions in fostering a secure, efficient, and user-friendly environment.

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In terms of business impact, how much time did it save your team?

Santosh (Unosecur): The adoption of BoxyHQ's SAML Jackson significantly optimized our team's workflow, leading to notable time savings. Streamlined authentication processes and fewer password-related issues allowed for quicker access to necessary resources, enhancing overall operational efficiency. This change not only saved time but also improved the work experience for both employees and clients, contributing to a more productive and efficient operational environment.

Have you seen any significant growth in acquiring enterprise clients as a direct result of utilizing SSO?

Santosh (Unosecur): The implementation of SSO significantly enhanced our ability to attract and onboard enterprise clients. The upgraded security and streamlined user experience directly contributed to smoother client onboarding, fostering growth in the enterprise sector. This strategic move not only strengthened our position as a trusted security partner but also underscored the essential role of effective SSO solutions in expanding business opportunities within the competitive enterprise market.

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