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BoxyHQ vs WorkOS

BoxyHQ is a flexible, secure, open-source alternative to WorkOS that brings enterprise readiness capabilities to your SaaS applications. It integrates with your tech stack no matter how bespoke.

Compare Features

LicenseOpen SourceProprietary
Enterprise SSOSupportedSupported
Directory SyncSupportedSupported
Audit LogsSupportedSupported
Data Privacy VaultSupportedNot Supported
Admin PortalSupportedSupported
SAML FederationSupportedNot Supported
Custom DeploymentSupportedNot Supported
DeploymentSelf-Hosted & SaaSSaaS
  • Your Product, Your Rules

    Make your app enterprise-ready, with just a few lines of code. Through its open-source approach, BoxyHQ’s users are free to make any customizations and changes to their features, while also avoiding vendor lock-in.

  • Resource Efficient

    Instead of paying thousands of dollars for the large number of connections that your app will have, use BoxyHQ's free open-source solution. Allocate resources to your core value proposition and maximize the benefits for your customers.

Open Source

Developer Obsessed

BoxyHQ is developer-obsessed, and our products are secure by design so you can focus on your core value proposition. Contribute to BoxyHQ and build your own integrations and customizations. If you're passionate about Developer Security, our Discord community is the perfect place to connect, share, and learn from like-minded individuals. Together, we're building more customizable and secure by default solutions one security building block at a time.