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This guide will walk you through the configuration and deployment of SAML Jackson on mogenius. mogenius is the easiest way for developers to run any application in the cloud. They have a template for SAML Jackson, so that you can deploy it on their fully automated cloud infrastructure in minutes.

If you don’t have a mogenius account, create one here. They have an extensive guide to get you started.

Deploy SAML Jackson

  • Head over to mogenius and follow the instructions to deploy SAML Jackson as a docker container.
  • You should deploy the latest version from Docker Hub and please keep your image up to date for additional security.

Verify deployment

You can visit the path /api/hello on your app to see if the Jackson was started successfully! If the installation was successful, you'll see the following output on the screen.

name: 'Jules Winnfield';

Next steps

At this stage you have a functional SAML Jackson instance running on your server!