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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about the common issues and limitations of the directory sync providers.

Why don't I see any event when a group is removed in OneLogin?

It is a known issue with OneLogin SCIM. OneLogin does not dispatch a specific deprovisioning event for groups that are deleted, so you won't see any event such as group.deleted or group.user_removed when a group is removed. It is recommended to remove the users from the group before deleting the group itself from the SCIM application.

Why don't I see a DELETE event for a user that was removed in Okta?

Instead of executing a DELETE operation, Okta sends a request to the SCIM application to set the active attribute to false. Consequently, you will observe a user.updated event with the active attribute changed to false for users removed from the Okta application. Read More

Why is there no event for a user that was deactivated in Okta?

Okta does not dispatch a specific deprovisioning event for users that are suspended. This omission of a deactivation event is a known issue with Okta.

Does Google Workspace sync in real time?

No, Google Workspace sync is not real-time. Jackson syncs the Google Workspace directory on a schedule (e.g. every 2 hours). In a self-hosted deployment, you can configure a cron job to sync the directory on a schedule of your choice.

Can I sync specific groups from Google Workspace?

Not possible at the moment. Jackson syncs all the groups from Google Workspace. You have to filter the groups from your application's side.

How frequently does Microsoft Entra ID SCIM perform sync by default?

Microsoft Entra ID automatically provisions and updates user accounts in an app based on things like user and group assignment. The sync happens at a regularly scheduled time interval, typically every 20-40 minutes. Read More

Why does the PATCH request fail in Microsoft Entra ID SCIM?

This is a known issue with Entra ID SCIM implementation. You have to add the query param ?aadOptscim062020 to the SCIM endpoint URL to make PATCH requests work. This query param update PATCH behavior and ensure SCIM compliance. Read More