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SAML service [SAML in a box from BoxyHQ]

You need someone like Jules Winnfield to save you from the vagaries of SAML login. Jackson implements the SAML login flow as an OAuth 2.0 flow, abstracting away all the complexities of the SAML protocol.

About Jackson

Own your own data​

  • An open-source solution that allows you to keep control of your data
  • Supports Bring Your Own Database (BYOD) and can be used with any database
  • Built-in support for MySQL, MariaDB, Postgres, MongoDB, Redis
  • Works great with databases from popular hosting providers

Flexible and easy to use​

  • Designed to work with OAuth 2.0 flow
  • Integrate with your existing OAuth 2.0 package


Reach out to the maintainer at one of the following places:



Apache 2.0 License