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Upgrade Guide

Upgrading to v1.21.0

Google DSync Connections will be supported on the back of following changes related to Authorization. These will ease the process of surfacing up the OAuth endpoints for Google SCIM.

  1. Removed DSYNC_GOOGLE_REDIRECT_URI, GOOGLE_REDIRECT_URI env vars for Jackson service.
  2. Removed from npm.
  3. Our npm will take in new options - and These will be used alongside externalUrl to construct the full path

Upgrading to v1.14.0

We have changed the schema bit to introduce a new column called namespace to speed up scans. You will have to run the migration scripts if you are manually managing migrations. For example PlanetScale where auto migrations are not supported due to a difference between MySQL and PlanetScale.

Upgrading to v1.11.0

We have patched the SSO connection (/api/v1/connections) DELETE handler to accept payload (client/Secret or tenant/product/strategy) as part of query parameters. Earlier, the payload was expected to be part of the body which is non-standard and is no longer supported in Next.js.

Upgrading to v1.9.7

We discovered and fixed a database connection leak introduced in v1.9.1, if you are using versions 1.9.1 to 1.9.6 then please upgrade to v1.9.7

Upgrading to v1.8.0

  1. We support bringing your own database (BYOD), this is a very tricky feature to support and we are still iterating on the schema which works as seamlessly as possible across the range of databases we support. Unfortunately, not everything goes smoothly here and we have encountered some length issues on newer versions of MySQL and MariaDB. The best way forward was to change the schema of the keys we use from length 1500 to 250 which is compatible with the newer versions. As a result, this will break your updates if you are using MySQL, MariaDB, or MS SQL Server. If you encounter this please reach out and we'll guide you through the update process. If you haven't gone into production yet then please update to v1.8.0 before you deploy it to production.

Upgrading to v1.3.10

  1. For users of our npm library, directorySync has been renamed to directorySyncController.

Upgrading to v1.3.6

  1. samlSPConfig.get() is now async since we introduced a global certificate instead of per tenant certificate to ease the SAML setup process.

Upgrading to v1.3.0

  1. Landed support for OpenID Identity Providers.

  2. Landed new API (/api/v1/connections) to support setting up both SAML/OIDC SSO Connections.

    Note: The previous API for SAML configuration /api/v1/saml/config has been deprecated, and would be completely removed in a future release.

  3. Renamed env variable PRE_LOADED_CONFIG to PRE_LOADED_CONNECTION for Jackson service. In the case of npm preLoadedConfig becomespreLoadedConnection.

  4. Make sure to set the value for oidcPath in case you are using the npm.


Please remember to take backups before upgrading Jackson. We cannot stress how important this step is, although we take precautions to avoid bugs they sometimes do slip by us. Having backups will not only help you recover from these rare events but should be part of your disaster recovery process. If you need any help with this please do not hesitate to reach out to us.