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Software Bill Of Materials (SBOM) Reports

SBOM is a list of components in a piece of software. It is like a list of ingredients of a product and is quickly becoming a standard for software supply chain risk management. The ecosystem is growing with tools that help you verify, scan and monitor all your dependencies.

Report Standards

SBOM reports primarily use SPDX & CycloneDX standards.


Note: This is supported for all versions >=0.3.8

You can find the SBOM reports as artifacts in our container registry at the locations below. They are updated every time there is change in the codebase and tagged by the exact version we release.

LocationFilesContext<version>sbom.spdx, sbom.cyclonedxSAML Jackson service<version>sbom.spdx, sbom.cyclonedxNPM package<version>sbom.spdx, sbom.cyclonedxDocker Image for SAML Jackson service

You can use oras (or a similar OCI artifacts tool) to retrieve these files.

oras pull<version>