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SSO & Audit Logs Accelerate Unicis Towards SOC2 Compliance

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At Unicis, their vision is to create a world where compliance is effortless, efficient, and transparent for every business. We strive to achieve this by providing a single, comprehensive application that addresses all compliance, privacy, risk and security concerns.


Unicis.Tech OÜ is a technology company specializing in building applications for security, privacy, and compliance teams. Committed to delivering the most secure and compliant platform, they recognized the need to implement Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO) and Audit Logs as essential components of their security and compliance strategy.

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Motivation for Implementing Enterprise SSO and Audit Logs

Unicis.Tech's motivation to implement Enterprise SSO and Audit Logs was driven by their commitment to enhancing security and compliance for their platform. These two key components play a crucial role in achieving these goals.

Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO) simplifies user access by eliminating the need for users to repeatedly enter their credentials for different applications. This not only enhances convenience but also reduces the risk of phishing attacks and password fatigue.

Audit Logs track all user activity within an application, including login attempts, file access, and configuration changes. This data serves as a valuable resource for investigating security incidents, resolving issues, and complying with regulatory requirements.

Not to mention, Unicis.Tech is subject to various global regulations, including GDPR, ISO/IEC, PCI-DSS, and SOC 2. SSO and audit logs are essential for meeting these regulatory requirements, ensuring their platform remains compliant.

Choosing BoxyHQ's (Jackson) for SSO Solution

Ease of Use: BoxyHQ provided an intuitive and straightforward integration for SSO. It was easy to set up and configure, connecting seamlessly with various Identity Providers.

Open-Source and Affordability: BoxyHQ's status as an open-source enterprise SSO solution, utilizing familiar technologies like Next.js and embedded libraries, made it a cost-effective choice.

Scalability: BoxyHQ's SSO solution demonstrated the capability to support a wide range of organizations, from small enterprises to large corporations.

Security: BoxyHQ's adherence to industry-standard security protocols provided Unicis.Tech with complete control over their data, ensuring the security and privacy of their platform.

Direct and Soft Benefits of SSO and Audit Logs

Unicis.Tech has observed both direct and soft benefits following the adoption of SSO and Audit Logs:

Direct Benefits

Improved Security: SSO has enhanced security by reducing the risk of password fatigue and phishing attacks. Audit logs expedite the identification of security incidents.

Reduced IT Workload: SSO and audit logs automate tasks like user provisioning and de-provisioning while providing valuable insights into user activity, reducing the IT workload.

Compliance: SSO and audit logs assist Unicis.Tech in meeting regulatory requirements such as GDPR, PCI-DSS, and SOC 2.

Soft Benefits

Increased Employee Productivity: SSO streamlines the login process, allowing employees to access applications more efficiently, thus increasing their productivity.

Improved Employee Satisfaction: SSO enhances employee satisfaction by simplifying access to necessary applications, making work more convenient.

Enhanced Customer Trust: The presence of SSO and audit logs demonstrates a commitment to protecting customer data, which enhances trust among customers.

Business Impact and Time Savings

BoxyHQ's solution has significantly saved Unicis.Tech's team time and resources. They estimate that it has allowed them to focus on more critical projects, reducing the workload by approximately a quarter of the time. It has enabled them to streamline various processes, including connecting to Identity Providers and building their audit log solution.

Impact on Achieving SOC 2 Compliance

While Unicis.Tech is still working towards SOC 2 compliance, and BoxyHQ's SSO and audit logs solution has accelerated their progress significantly. BoxyHQ meets all the requirements for SOC 2 compliance, saving Unicis.Tech substantial time and effort in reaching their compliance goals.

Acquiring Enterprise Clients

Unicis.Tech has experienced substantial growth in acquiring enterprise clients due to the implementation of SSO. Many enterprise clients require vendors to have SSO and audit logs in place. Implementing BoxyHQ's solution has allowed Unicis.Tech to meet these demands and secure new business deals.

In Summary

Unicis.Tech's adoption of BoxyHQ for Enterprise SSO and Audit Logs has yielded numerous benefits, ranging from improved security and compliance to enhanced productivity and customer trust. Their recommendation of BoxyHQ's solution underscores its efficacy in providing a comprehensive and cost-effective security solution for businesses seeking to meet their security and compliance needs.

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