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Setup Link (Enterprise SSO)

The Setup link is used to create a shareable link that can be used to create an SSO Connection without exposing any sensitive information. Let's go through the steps to create a new Setup link

You can create a new Setup link for SSO from the Connections page using New Setup Link button

connections page

Another way is to go to the Setup Links section under Enterprise SSO menu and Click on Create New/New Setup Link button

setup link list empty

The create Setup Link for SSO page looks like below

create setup link page

Once the link is created you can see the the link info section at the bottom

link created

You can copy the link by clicking on the Copy button

link copied

You can regenerate the link by clicking on Regenerate button

link regenerate

Once you confirm Regenerate action you will see the new setup link in the link info section

link regenerated

You can perform ACTIONS like Copy, View, Regenerate & Delete from this page


link regenerate from list


link delete

When you open the setup link you will be landed on SSO Connection create section as there are no connections to show

setup link sso setup

You can create SSO Connection by filling the correct details

setup link sso oidc

As you can see that setup link makes it super easy & safe to create SSO Connections.