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Using the Retraced Viewer

The Retraced embedded viewer is the easiest way consume and understand your audit log data. This guide will walk you through the viewer's features.

Note -- if you're a Software Vendor and you're looking to embed the viewer into your site, see the Embedded Viewer Guide


The viewer exposes four core features:

  1. Search
  2. Filters
  3. Export
  4. API Token Management.


The search box allows for free-text search of all audit events, but also supports some structured search operators. Some example searches:

  • edit -- free text search
  • action:users.list -- search by action
  • action:document.* location:Germany -- search by action and location
  •[email protected] -- search by actor id
  • action:user.login,user.logout -- search by multiple actions


The filters section allows for filtering events by date range, and by Create/Read/Update/Delete actions.


Save searches and export them to CSV using the "Exports" section.

API Tokens

Create and Manage Enterprise API tokens using the "API Tokens" section.

For a guide on using API Tokens, see Using The Enterprise API