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Introduction To Retraced

Retraced provides an audit log feature for your application; one that meets all of the principles of what makes a good audit log. Retraced provides both an API to send audit events to, and several different methods for your customers to view and extract their events.

Brought to you by BoxyHQ and Replicated. Check out our GitHub repo

About Retraced

Own your own data​

  • An open-source solution that allows you to keep control of your data
  • Supports Postgres for now
  • Built-in support for Elasticsearch (optional, Postgres search can be used instead)

Flexible and easy to use​

  • Designed to work with REST APIs
  • Integrates with your existing applications
  • Comes with an embedded viewer that you can use with your React applications


Reach out to the maintainer at one of the following places:



Apache 2.0 License