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This guide will walk you through the configuration and deployment of SAML Jackson on Heroku. We'll be using the Deploy to Heroku button that enables users to deploy apps to Heroku without leaving the web browser and with little or no configuration.

If you don’t have a Heroku account, create one here.

Deploy SAML Jackson

  • Fork the the SAML Jackson GitHub repository.
  • Go to the forked repo and click the Deploy to Heroku button from the README section.
  • Give your new application a name.
  • Fill the Config Vars as per the documentation.
  • After you've filled everything click the Deploy app button.

Verify deployment

You can visit the path /api/hello on your app to see if the Jackson was started successfully! If the installation was successful, you'll see the following output on the screen.

name: 'Jules Winnfield';

Next steps

At this stage you have a functional SAML Jackson instance running on your server!