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In this section, we will show you how to set up your own custom SAML application for PingOne SAML.

Create Application

From your PingOne account, click Connections > Applications from left navigation menu.

If your application is already created, choose it from the list and move to the section Configure Application

If you haven't created a SAML application, click plus button to create a new application.

PingOne SAML Step 1

Give your application a Application Name, choose SAML Application from the Application Type and click Configure.

Configure Application

PingOne SAML Step 2

From the next screen, you have to enter the following values in the SAML Configuration section:

  • ACS URLs
  • Entity ID

Replace the values with the ones you have received from SAML Jackson.

Click Save to save the configuration.

PingOne SAML Step 3

Click the Configuration tab from the top and click Download Metadata to download the metadata XML file.

PingOne SAML Step 4

Attribute Mapping

Click the Attribute Mappings tab from the top and you have to configure the following attributes:

SAML AppPingOne
idUser ID
emailEmail Address
firstNameGiven Name
lastNameFamily Name

See the screenshot below.

PingOne SAML Step 5

Make sure you have enabled your app so that it can be used by the users. You can do this by clicking the Toggle button next to your app.

PingOne SAML Step 6

Next steps

You've successfully configured your custom SAML application for PingOne SAML. At this stage, you can assign users to your application and start using it.



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